#FreeMyTribe | Join the Family
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Join the Family


Hello family & friends

We invite you to come together with us and join our global movement.

The #FreeMyTribe movement is a growing coalition of black organisations brought together by the atrocity happening in Libya. The movement was started by sister organisations Slavery Remembrance and My Tribe, united we held the first London protest outside the Libyan Embassy on 26/11, along with SOAS Student Union and La Fraternite Guineenne, our second protest was held on 09/12. We have more action planned for the 18/12 – see below to find out more.

We are all outraged by the situation in Libya, but we all know it is not a new phenomenon. We also know the muted outrage shown by the rest of world is very much to do with the colour of our skin. When you see the images of the protests taking place around the world on the Libyan slave trade, what you see is a sea of black faces and the stark reminder that only we will have the passion, commitment and determination to change this, only we are in it for the long run.

We are very much aware that at present we are on limited time before what little press this issue currently receives dies completely. We need to ensure that when that media attention does die our brothers and sisters in Libya do not die with it. We must be there to keep up the momentum in the hearts and minds of our people. In order for this to happen it is time to stop talking about unity and start uniting. This is a global issue requiring a global movement, we all need to be singing from the same hymn sheet, the same slogan, the same hashtag, as family, as one!

This is why we have started the #FreeMyTribe campaign, and our dedicated website, to address this issue and keep this movement alive long after the media attention has gone. The campaign joins a coalition of partners (known as family members) each of whom retains their autonomy and is listed on the website. The website lists our family’s actions and events taking place around the world and directs visitors to do more by participating in these actions. More importantly the website and the movement unites us and creates one strong voice. This is bigger than any one organisation as one organisation can never and has never defeated any of our issues. It is about each and everyone of us coming together to create one strong voice and one strong movement.

To our few non-black friends who have stood by our side we ask you to remain there and support us. This is a black led movement as it should be, but you have your part to play and we ask that you play it. We have a section on our website for our non-black friends (organisations / movements etc.) and invite all those of you that do support us with more than just words to contact us for enlistment on this section.

This is an open invitation to all family members, our family is big (of course, it’s black!) so we don’t know them all so please share with any trusted organisations you know.

Final note – egos, self-serving agendas and dreams of riches can be left at the door. This movement is not the one for you.


CEO & Founder – Slavery Remembrance

In unity!