#FreeMyTribe | Fighting for the freedom of our family in Libya and against global racist anti-Blackness
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RMT Black Solidarity Committee
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How did we get here?

Many people are surprised by what is happening in Libya, though they shouldn’t be. What’s happening in Libya is not a new occurence, it has been happening for many, many years.

There are lots of reasons why and how a situation like this has been allowed to happen. If you want to know how this issue can exist in 2017 and how you can help to stop it you should first understand the history and causes of the situation.Hover over the circles to read the full text

Refugees not Migrants

12,000 Drowned

Since 2014, over 3,000 migrants per year have died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea (International Organization for Immigration).

Libyan Detention Centres

Libyan detention centers for refugees are overrun and there are mounting reports of robbery, rape, and murder.

2 Million Enslaved

The estimated number of enslaved people in the Middle East and North Africa is 2,936,800.

This is not new!

The slave auctions in Libya have been happening for years, it is not a sudden or recent issue.

Organ Harvesting

Many of the migrants and refugees, including those sold into slavery are harvested for their organs.

Torture & Ransom

Many refugees kidnapped in Libya are held for ransom with their captors using horrific acts of torture as a method of applying pressure on families.

European Policy

Externalisation of Migration Control - What is happening in Libya is a direct result of the EU's push to curb migration and tighten borders without providing safe and legal alternative paths for migrants and refugees.

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Attending a protest, planning an event, fundraising? Check out our resources pages, w’ve designed some resources especially for you to help you get started.
Hold an event

Hold an event

Can’t make it to our event but want to hold one of your own, our resources and guidlines will help you know how to do it successfully.
Become a Campus Rep

Become a Campus Rep

Sign up to become your university or college rep and help to raise awareness about what’s happening in Libya and the issue of anti-blackness.
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Shop our apparel

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Want to make a difference? See our action points below!

Get Educated!

To understand how to tackle any problem you must first understand the root and causes of that problem. We've provided brief information on the history and causes of the situation in Libya, but the problem has many factors relating to it. Continue to do your own learning outside this website, link up with our coalition partners to learn what they are doing and make sure to attend our events.

Refugees not Migrants

In most cases those enslaved in Libya are fleeing countries facing humanitarian crises such as war, destitution and ineffective governments. These people are Refugees not migrants and should be treated accordingly. Meaning they should not be sent back to the very countries they risked their lives to escape. Suitable safe havens must be provided.

Support Our Partners

Support those who have survived the journey and those who continue to risk their lives in taking it by supporting our partners. Our partners work in many different from working on the ground directly with refugees including those detained in detention camps to campaigning to raise awareness and change government policy. Support their work.

Say NO! to Antiblackness

At the root of this issue is racism which exists not only in many Arab countries, but is also a wider global issue. It's time to call it out! The silence by many on this matter is deafening. This is why it's important black organisations are leading this campaign, but we still need and want the support of our friends from around the world. Stand up!